Review: Phyto 9 Nourishing Hair Cream With 9 Plants


When it comes to beauty products I usually do some research before purchasing it at store.  I, like many others, don't enjoy pushy sales people, and I don't often purchase many beauty items on a whim, but sometimes life happens.  On a recent trip to Sephora (why must you be so close to where I work?!)  I was in the hair section,  casually browsing. From across the store this man, who was not wearing a Sephora uniform, saw my hair, which was long at the time, and couldn't stop himself from coming up to me and presenting this small gold bottle of Phyto 9 Nourishing Hair Cream with 9 Plants.  In fact, without saying a word he put a nickle sized drop in my hand and motioned me to try it,  and so I complied, secretly wanting to show him that taming my hair wasn't going to be that easy. After running my fingers through my hair I saw how easily this cream hydrated and tamed my curls back to life.  Even though he had given me a substantial amount to try, my hair looked shiny, but not greasy, and it didn't weigh it down, which is usually the Achilles' heel of really hydrating creams.  I showed my amazement and he responded by smiling, tapping me on the shoulder, and walking away. I don't even know if he worked there, but this guy knew that the product would do the talking, and I liked his style.  My hair felt silky for the rest of the day, and I even put it through the test during my vacation to Florida.  I was sans blow dryer for the whole trip, and only wore this for frizz control, and my hair stayed soft and manageable through beach days, and roller coasters.  I've said more about this product than that mysterious man ever said to me, but this is definitely one of those see-to-believe products, so give it a whirl.

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