All About Rosehip Oil

It seems that every season there is a new beauty oil craze. First it was coconut oil, then argan oil, and now it seems that rosehip oil is receiving all the hype. According to the Aura Cacia website, "rosehip oil contains pure retinol (Vitamin A), which is best known for replenishing and restoring mature or sun-damaged skin. It also contains essential fatty acids, including linoleic and linolenic acids, which are known for their skin conditioning properties and for restoring suppleness".  Those are big claims, if I do say so myself.
When buying rosehip oil, I recommend making sure it's organic. There seem to be a lot of counterfeits out there with unnecessary filler ingredients, which can clog your pores, and wreck havoc on your skin, instead of help it. There are more expensive rosehip oils by brands such as Pai and Triology, but for me, a rosehip newbie, the $12 Aura Cacia one was perfect and easy to find at Whole Foods.  The bottle is small,  but it goes a long way because two drops is all I need for my whole face. I've been using it for a few months now, and though I like this oil, I have come to realize there are a few things I don't love about rosehip oil:

- It doesn't absorb into the skin as easily as other oils, so it will leave you with a shiny disco ball face, which makes this product more suited for bedtime.
-It occasionally makes my face itchy, especially if used on top of a product containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. 
-This may be silly, but it kind of bothers me that it doesn't smell anything like roses or flowers- just plain EVOO. 

Though there are a few cons, the one big positive is that it has never caused any breakouts. This is my main concern when trying facial oils, and this rosehip oil has never made me regret ever putting it on. Nowadays I apply this every other night, and never on nights when I have on a spot treatment, which has reduced the itchiness significantly.  In the mornings when I wash it off I do notice brighter skin, and it's a noticeable change, and one I haven't seen with other face oils. I can't say it's a miracle product, but any dark spots I had on my face are looking lighter. I would recommend this rosehip oil solely on the price, but it does appear to be a special oil, worthy of its praise.


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush


The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush is a beautiful rose blush and champagne highlighter blended together. The Hourglass brand always seems to impress me because the quality and texture of their products are truly unique. The blush is satiny soft, and not powdery. Similar to their ambient lighting face powder, the blushes seem to cover your pores, and stays put for hours. The color provides exactly what its name depicts; a natural flush, which highlights without enhancing pores, and even changes shades of pink depending on the lighting. How cool is that?

I'm such a big fan of theses blushes that I picked up another shade, which is the complete opposite of this color, so expect a review on that sometime soon.



The Scrunchie Comeback

Remember when Carrie Bradshaw bashed the scrunchie into oblivion? Well, she would be biting her tongue now because the scrunchie is making a comeback! Though I have seen it on the runway, I don't think I will be sporting it to the office, but I did buy a pack of scrunchies for the sole reason of sleeping at night. The loose hold keeps my hair away from my face, and it's ideal for days when I straighten my hair because it doesn't cause the dreaded hair tie dent. So, get a pack of scrunchies and pay homage to Michelle Tanner, while you snooze.



Manicure Bliss at the New Paintbox Studio

Last week I was in a deep search for a salon to get a manicure for my birthday.  I wanted to try something new, like a gel design manicure, but the salons that offer gel designs always seem to be booked weeks in advance.  I was losing hope until my bestie told me about this new salon called Paintbox Studio that just opened up in SoHo.  After some investigating at home I saw an opening for the following day, and I booked an appointment for my first gel design manicure.  :cue a little happy dance:

Paintbox Studio offers regular manicures with polishes from Chanel, Deborah Lippmann, Butter London, and Dior to name a few, but what makes them innovative are their twenty five nail designs, which are curated each season, and take inspiration from trends seen in magazines, and on the runway.  I sat there wide-eyed flipping through their nail book for ten minutes, and ended up giving the reins to my manicurist, Christine, who picked a light peach color with gold foil.  Christine was extremely nice and meticulous.  This type of gel requires many layers, and she did everything flawlessly, never missing a beat even when the gold flakes would stick to her hands, instead of my nails.  It was a nice treat to sit back, drink some wine, and watch my nails transform from eh to woah! Christine told me they are trying to become like the Drybar for nails, so don’t go there expecting to see pedicure chairs because they don’t offer that.  They love manicures so much that they even have a built-in manicam, so your nails are instagram ready the second you step out of the salon.  I know my nails will last for a few weeks, but I’m already thinking of making my next appointment, and opening a gel manicure savings account at my bank.


The New Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundation

A few days ago I stumbled into Lord & Taylor and found myself amidst their friends and family sale. I wandered around a bit not thinking I was going to get anything until I saw the sleek black bottles of the new Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet foundation. What won me over at first was that the color 40 Beige matched my skin to a tee, which anyone who has ever used foundation can appreciate as a rare occurrence, and one that deserves to be taken home.

Perfection Lumière Velvet is Chanel's answer for oily/combination skin, and it truly delivers. Just like the original Perfection Lumière you have to give the bottle a good shake before applying. The foundation itself feels extremely light, and it's watery consistency is unlike any foundation I own. The magic of this product happens when it sets because it dries in a matte, velvety finish (hence the name). This foundation dries quickly, so I suggest applying it in sections. Since purchasing it I've been using my fingers to apply because the foundation's light texture doesn't require intense brush stippling. Though it's targeted for combination skin, I think this foundation could be used on any skin type, but if you have dry skin try exfoliating before applying, and it should prevent the foundation from clinging to dry patches.

Perfection Lumière Velvet wins in my book because it's long lasting, applies easily, and wears well through my eight hour workday, and still makes it through my evening workout classes. I also have a sweet spot for the sophisticated travel friendly bottle. I have now entered the world of high end foundations, and I'm curious to see what other luxury brands have to offer. This could be dangerous...

(Wearing 40 Biege)