Winter Candles

I'm back! Oh, how neglectful I've been! 2014 had a few life changes for me, such as getting a new job and moving to Brooklyn, which caused me to be bit preoccupied. But do not fret, I'm back to update my little space on the internet.
Moving out meant redecorating, but it also meant having more rooms for candles! Candles are an instant pick me up and can make any space inviting. This winter I've been really into woodsy/floral scents, and below are my top picks. 

Rituals Sacred Fire: If candles could be sexy, this is would be it. It's dark red color, and spicy warm cedar wood scent is divine, and looks quite good in the moonlight (is that creepy to say?).

Thymes Frasier Fir
Thymes Fraiser Fir: This is the perfect winter candle because it smells like evergreen trees. It reminds me of Christmas each time I burn it, and I think it will always remind me of our first Christmas in BK. 

Meyer's Geranium Candle: I love this clean floral scent a bit too much, and already had it as my dish and hand soap, so when I saw it came in a candle I didn't think twice. I love lighting it in the kitchen because dissolves cooking smells perfectly, but it's never overpowering.

Pomme Frites Amber & Moss: I found this candle in a little shop, while strolling the neighborhood, and I've already gone through two. It's earthy scent is perfect for any season, and I think it's especially nice in the bedroom.

Nest Fragrances Birchwood Pine: I recieved this candle as a gift from a friend, and it's musky scent is like an expensive cologne. It takes no time for your whole space to smell like you invited a Ralph Lauren male model over for tea.

Diptyque Baies: If you've ever been to the Club Monaco flagship on 5th avenue, you know it smells like floral heaven. I've always wondered what that scent was, and I was starting to accept the fact that I would probably never find out, but then a few days ago I gave Baies a whiff at Space NK, and the clouds parted, and I was reborn and enlightened. Too dramatic? Anyway, this is scent, or a rendition of this scent is definitely what they use in that store. The Diptyque Candles are quite popular among bloggers, but I've always been hesitant due to their lofty price tag. I got the small one to try out, and the rose and black currant scent makes my heart so so happy. It's the little things people!

I hope this was inspiring enough for someone to go out and give some of these candles a whiff, or at least browse them on the web, since it's too damn cold to go shopping outside.