YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Review

Yves Saint Laurent is a brand that extends their luxurious eye for detail all the way to their makeup. They make products that you want to showcase, and their quality is worth the splurge. The Baby Doll Kiss & Blush is a two-in-one lip stain and cream blush put together. Usually dual lip and blush products come in a pot, but the Kiss & Blush comes in a bottle that looks like nail polish.  This is because it has a wand, which is the perfect tool to apply the colorful mousse. 
The two colors I picked up were the bright florescent, No.1 Fuchsia Desinvolte, and the subdued baby pink, No.3 Rose Libre. The shades are beautifully opaque and pigmented, so you can really intensify the color. As a blush it has a long staying power, which is surprising considering cream blushes and combination skin don't mix that well together. The blush colors look natural, and dry soft to the touch with a matte finish. On the lips it lasted for hours, all while feeling comfortable and not drying.  Since the colors are so opaque it requires a bit more care when applying,  so that it can look perfect.

The Baby Doll Kiss & Blush is a fantastic multitasker, and makes other lip and blush combos step their game up. Check out the shades below!

No. 1 Fuchsia 

No. 3 Rose Libre