Wet Williamsburg

Five year old tote bag that I picked when I visited Bern at the tender age of 18. Reminds me of a really cold January, chocolate bars, and some kick ass bears. vscocam23
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Shirt: Zara                   Jeans: Gap                 Sandals: Carvela
Spring was mostly spent under an umbrella, but that didn't stop me from wearing light colors. Williamsburg, Brooklyn is perfect for wandering around because there's always something to try/see/hear/smell, and it is the home of OddFellows Ice Cream Co, which hand-makes their waffle cones, and has cornbread flavored ice cream. Enough said. 


Light Blue Ponyboy


Ring from recent trip to Arizona & Essie's Watermelon
Head to Toe Zara                                Purse:  Barneys New York 

There is something about wearing a denim jacket that reminds me of being a kid.  It might have to do with the fact that a younger me used to spend nights dreaming about becoming the only girl member of the Outsider's gang.   This light blue denim jacket has become my favorite staple for spring, and pairing it with the striped bodycon dress gives it a casual grown up feeling, which is perfect for strolling around my neighborhood in search of some greasers.


Turquoise Fields

Planting Fields1 Planting Fields 2
Planting Fields 3 Planting Fields 4 Planting Fields 5 Planting Fields 6
Essie's Sand Tropez Planting Fields 7
Dress: Forever 21     Necklace: Jewelmint    Sunglasses: Rayban Aviators

A few days ago I went to the Planting Fields in Long Island, NY.  It's amazing to realize that this beautiful, tranquil park is only an hour away from Manhattan.  Planting Fields is a 400-acre arboretum and state park, but it used to be the estate of the wealthy Coe Family during the early 20th Century.  Nowadays anyone is welcome to walk along the gardens, and even take a tour of the Coe Hall Mansion.  The park was serene, and the spot for brides and grooms to take their wedding photos (we saw around 8 couples).  Picnicking was a must, so I decided on wearing a turquoise shift dress.  Shift dresses are amazing when you want to be comfortable and chic. The dress was also great for the bizarre 90ºF weather day we were having (and good for stuffing my face with food).

xo maria