We'll always have..


Our excitement leading up to this Paris trip was at all time high.  It was always at the top of our list of cities to visit and when we found a great flight deal we knew we had to take it.  We went for a week and at first we wanted to split the trip and go to two different cities, but then decided to have a more relaxing trip and really take in Paris.  I'm so glad we did because even though we went in cold December it was blissful just exploring, eating really good food, and drinking lots of wine. We were lost in the moment for a lot of it, so I didn't take out my camera too many times, but I'm glad I managed to capture a few bits and bobs of our sweet little trip, which has now become extra special since we got engaged there.

I guess it's true Audrey Hepburn, Paris is always a good idea.

Paris Paris
Paris Paris IMG_4111 Paris Paris
Paris Paris IMG_1126
IMG_4116 v2 XX MJ