Manicure Bliss at the New Paintbox Studio

Last week I was in a deep search for a salon to get a manicure for my birthday.  I wanted to try something new, like a gel design manicure, but the salons that offer gel designs always seem to be booked weeks in advance.  I was losing hope until my bestie told me about this new salon called Paintbox Studio that just opened up in SoHo.  After some investigating at home I saw an opening for the following day, and I booked an appointment for my first gel design manicure.  :cue a little happy dance:

Paintbox Studio offers regular manicures with polishes from Chanel, Deborah Lippmann, Butter London, and Dior to name a few, but what makes them innovative are their twenty five nail designs, which are curated each season, and take inspiration from trends seen in magazines, and on the runway.  I sat there wide-eyed flipping through their nail book for ten minutes, and ended up giving the reins to my manicurist, Christine, who picked a light peach color with gold foil.  Christine was extremely nice and meticulous.  This type of gel requires many layers, and she did everything flawlessly, never missing a beat even when the gold flakes would stick to her hands, instead of my nails.  It was a nice treat to sit back, drink some wine, and watch my nails transform from eh to woah! Christine told me they are trying to become like the Drybar for nails, so don’t go there expecting to see pedicure chairs because they don’t offer that.  They love manicures so much that they even have a built-in manicam, so your nails are instagram ready the second you step out of the salon.  I know my nails will last for a few weeks, but I’m already thinking of making my next appointment, and opening a gel manicure savings account at my bank.

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