How to Whiten Stained Nails and The Dior Nail Glow


Lately I've been really into wearing my nails with a clear polish.  Mostly because it gives a classic look to any outfit, and was something I didn't have to fuss over when getting ready for job interviews.  Unfortunately if your nails are stained a clear polish can accentuate the yellow stains,  but do not fret because I am sharing what I used to get  brighter and whiter nails.

Bubble White Powder-  You can pick up this nail whitening powder at Sally's Beauty Supply.  Follow the directions, and in five minutes you will see a difference.  I noticed it completely whitened the tips of my nails.

Buffing Block- I use the Seacret buffing block that someone gave me years ago. Seacret does not sell the buffing block on it's own, but I did find this one on amazon that looks similar to the one I use.  These blocks allow you to buff and polish your nails, which significantly help at removing all surface stains. 

If you paint your nails often stains can occur frequently, so I suggest using bubble white and buffing your nails once a month. 

After I successfully whitened my nails I treated myself to the luxe clear polish that is the Dior Nail Glow. 

Dior Nail Glow

This nail polish claims to create an instant  french manicure effect, and also helps whiten nails.  I bought it because I've never seen a pink clear polish like this on the market, and the pink shines beautifully in the daylight.  Though the polish is thin, it has a gel-like feeling when it dries, and is shiny like a topcoat for days. Very luxe indeed!

Dior Nail Glow

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